The Auburn



Armadale – Melbourne


4 weeks


Complete design & rebuild of laundry.


We all try not to spend too much time in our laundries, but our Auburn project client wanted so much for this dull space to be a place of beauty. A place where even though it’s housework being done each time they enter the room, it needed to be an enjoyable experience, rather than a chore.

We created ample storage to one side of the room, to hide all the items one seems to accumulate over time and the other side of the room was to house the workbench, more storage and of course, the washer and dryer.

By adding a feature wall with beautiful natural stone fan tiles, the new space became a beautiful room that felt warm and inviting. Finishing off the room we used a dark shade of grey in the cabinetry to hide any dirt or grime, most commonly found in the laundry room. Overall, our client was overjoyed at the stunning transformation of their laundry. 

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