The Avoca



St Kilda – Melbourne 


8 Weeks


Complete rebuild of kitchen including appliance. 


Our Avoca project client wanted a beautiful showpiece kitchen, but in addition to the aesthetics of the space, it needed to be highly functional. An integrated fridge/freezer, with a matching integrated dishwasher, meant the heavy, bulky appliances which usually harden the look of a kitchen were now hidden and softened the space, bringing a warm and luxurious feel to the room.

The beautiful, rich timber veneer cabinetry is paralleled by the lush, cool natural feel of the gold-infused marble, which in turn is complemented by the bottle green wall sconces. The curved ends of the island create a unique showpiece that makes the entire kitchen a talking point, not just a space. Each element of this kitchen renovation was designed with the family in mind. The warm rich feel of the space makes cooking a fantasy, not a chore!

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