The Daley

Main bathroom


Elwood – Melbourne


6 Weeks


Complete design & rebuild of bathroom.


Many older style homes were not built to have bathrooms inside. The outhouse was a common accessory to every home in the early 20th century. Over time, the indoor bathroom slowly made its way into our homes, but function was not really thought about, it was more the convenience that was dreamt about. Fast forward almost 100 years and our Daley project clients were left with an ill-fitted indoor bathroom that just wasn’t functioning for them. It was just sheer luck that the bathroom was placed at the end of the corridor, as this allowed us to utilise the unused space in the hallway to enlarge the existing bathroom. We knocked the wall down and added roughly 2sqm to the existing bathroom, enabling us to include a wet-room and larger vanity within the new space. 

The Boho-chic style captures elements of the old and incorporates them with natural, earthy material and colours. Being an Art Deco property, the terrazzo tiles we chose for the floor and walls add a nod to the original style of the home. The rough, earthy subway tiles placed in a herringbone pattern, and the rattan-panelled vanity take influence from the Boho-chic movement and create a unique space that excites but also envelopes in warmth. Our Daley project clients could not believe that their new ‘large’ bathroom renovation was completed without any major changes to their existing home. 

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