The Danks



Middle park – Melbourne 


8 Weeks


Complete kitchen renovation 


Our clients in our Danks project property didn’t think they could make their apartment kitchen any bigger. It was a small, dark space and not really usable for more than one person at a time. When our interior designer attended the property for the in-home consultation, it was a surprise to the owners that they weren’t limited to the existing kitchen space. Adjoining the kitchen was an old oversized laundry, roughly the same size as the kitchen. By moving the washer and dryer into the main bathroom, the old laundry space was then available to be added to the kitchen.

Post demolition, it became evident to the homeowners just how big the space was. Not only did we achieve a bigger kitchen, but we were also able to add an island bench. Our clients weren’t only left with a brand new kitchen, they were also given a meals area which isn’t just a great addition to their kitchen it has also added value to their property. They are so overjoyed with the end result of their kitchen renovation.

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