The Morley



Port Melbourne – Melbourne


9 Weeks


Complete design & rebuild of kitchen.


Our lovely Morley project client has a large family and her kitchen has always been the heart of her home. Whenever her children and grandchildren come to visit, the oven is always on and the coffee is always brewing. There is never a moment when her kitchen is not singing with commotion. 

Apart from function and design, our client wanted her kitchen to be modern and warm. Bringing in influences from the old, traditional kitchens to create a modern twist. Our designer took all the information into account to create this stunning, warm and functional kitchen, especially for our client, so she could still feel the traditional aspect in her new kitchen. 

Our client was so overwhelmed with the finished kitchen renovation that she took to cooking our team one of her famous pastas. We love it so much when our clients love the spaces we design for them. 

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