The Roden



West Melbourne – Melbourne


4 weeks


Complete design & rebuild of laundry


Working in a space that is ill-fitting would drive anyone crazy, no more than our clients in our Roden project. For years, they have lived with a dysfunctional laundry -it was well and truly time to get rid of the old and replace it with the new. 

The space needed to be beautiful and appealing, but also functional and well-thought-out. By placing the tall cabinetry next to the stackable washer and dryer meant that all the tall, heavy items were placed away from the entrance, which in turn, created a sense of space and openness in a small laundry. Extending the bench to run from wall to wall and pairing it with the highlight window, meant that we bought in light but stretched the room visually to create a dramatic feel as you walked in. 

Our Roden project clients are over the moon with the finished space. They often find themselves walking past, pausing and staring at in awe. 

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