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Why choose Indulge?

There are many home renovation companies out there claiming to be the best or better than others. But at Indulge Renovations, we are unique, in more ways than one. We will show you just how smooth our renovation process is.  Whether that be a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or any other room upgrade in your home, we do what we say and say what we do!

We understand that renovating can be overwhelming, so our highly qualified interior designers will slowly walk you through the design process, transforming your dreams into reality, by creating a designer space that is unique to not just your home but to you and your own style.

Our Design Studio

Our History

Alan’s career history consists of many twists and turns, but branching out on his own, to start a design and build studio, has proven to be the most successful yet.

Picking up his first pencil and ruler way back in the 80’s, Alan has drawn strength in design, from the talented interior designers and artists in his family. Having been able to travel extensively around the world, means Alan’s unique design skills take inspiration from a combination of styles, that always impress.

Along with his many talents, one of Alan’s key strengths is the ability to connect with his clients and listen to their needs and wants, in turn, understanding their style in only a few short meetings. Always making sure he puts his clients’ needs first, Alan has built strong relationships with his clients whilst also building key relationships with suppliers and industry members.

Walking clients through the full services, from the beginning of the design to the end of the build, has allowed Alan to create a unique business that encompasses everything a client could possibly need – he has a one-stop-shop that gives him a unique edge in an ever growing industry.

Alan Nasrallah 

Interior Design Director/Founder 

Our Process

In-Home Consultation

Hello, I’m from Indulge Renovations! Our allocated interior designer will come to your home to check-out your renovation project. They will sit down with you and discuss what your likes or dislikes are, what your haves and must haves are. Your designer might even give you some ideas which you had not even thought about to create the ideal space just for you. 

Concept Presentation & Investment

Once your allocated interior designer has left your home they will create a concept plan for your space. They will take all the information collated at your in-home consultation and create a concept which is unique for you. Based on styles and interiors which you like, your designer will create a concept specific to you. Once they have completed the concept design plan a detailed breakdown of costing will be created so you can see exactly what you will need to invest in to your renovation project. 

Design Meeting & Product Selection

Get your gloves on because this is where the fun begins. At this stage your allocated interior designer has created a concept design for your new space. You might have some minor adjustments to make but the basis of your room is set. You’ll be guided through the selection of all your finishes, items like tiles, cladding and paint colours. Your designer will also help you choose all your tapware, appliances, cabinetry and stone. Once your meetings have been completed your interior designer will create the final construction drawings required to build your new space. All the finishes, fixtures & fittings will be included in these drawings ready for construction. 

Product Ordering & Delivery

Once the design phase of your build has been completed by your interior designer, our purchasing officer will commence the ordering of your Items. The areas of your home that we are working on are a construction zone so having all your product on site could cause damage to items which are not required until the end of the build. Our purchasing office will schedule each item to arrive on site when it is require so as to not cause any damage.


Our dedicated & hard working construction team are here to turn your dreams into reality. Managed by our construction manager, our carpenters, electrician, plumber, painters etc will build for you, your dreams space following every detail specified by your interior designer on your construction drawings. Every aspect of your build is detailed and produced by our strong and highly trained build crew. Rest assured we will make the build process as smooth as possible.  

Sign off

During sign-off, your interior designer and your construction manager will meet with you at your property. They will run through all the works which have be completed by Indulge Renovation. And finally, once we’ve left your home, it is now time for you to start indulging in your new space. Enjoy!!!


In-Home Consultation


Concept Presentation & Investment


Design Meeting & Product Selection


Product Ordering & Delivery




Sign off

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