Collaborative Design Services

Maybe all you need is a qualified interior designer to help you come up with a new design for your space?

Indulge Renovations’ design-only service is just that and more. We understand that you might already have your own builder for your home renovation and you’re finding it hard to put a design together. Well, we are here to help! Collaborate with our interior designers to help you design, create and select all the colours and finishes for your new space. We can even help you purchase all the products you require.

By the time we have completed our design only service with you, you will have a full set of construction drawings and all the products selected together, to create your new space. We are even happy to pop past to chat with your home renovation builders, if necessary.

Alternatively, you might love our service so much that you decide to use our construction team for your house renovation. Our build team is the best at what they do, so why not engage them to create the space that our designer helped you put to paper?

Either way, we are here to help you indulge in creating a space that is unique for you.

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