Bespoke Wardrobes & Custom Flooring


Every wardrobe we design at Indulge Renovations is unique, because we perfectly craft each component to your exact specifications to work with your home renovation needs. As experienced and skilled interior designers, we guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results we offer. We spend numerous hours with you, designing the wardrobe space to make sure each specific item you wish to store in your new wardrobe fits just perfectly, so you’ll end up with a bespoke piece made specifically for your needs and to fit your house renovation.


At Indulge Renovations we understand that choices can take time, and this is no more evident than when it comes to selecting your new timber floor. Colour, size, thickness and finish are all factors we need to consider when selecting your new flooring. There is an abundance of choice out there and we are here to help you select the right timber floor just for you. Our comprehensive range of high-end engineered timber flooring options is the finishing touch to your home. Once the choice has been made, our expert flooring installers and renovation builders will install your new floor with precision, making sure it fits perfectly within your space. If you love your existing timber floor but you want to give it a new lease on life, our highly skilled sanders and polishers will guarantee a seamless finish every time.

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