There are many home renovation companies out there claiming to be the best or better than others. But at Indulge Renovations, we are unique, in more ways than one. We will show you just how smooth our renovation process is.  Whether that be a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or any other room upgrade in your home, we do what we say and say what we do!

We understand that renovating can be overwhelming, so our highly qualified interior designers will slowly walk you through the design process, transforming your dreams into reality, by creating a designer space that is unique to not just your home but to you and your own style.

It’s very hard to ascertain the exact cost of any renovation, without properly understanding exactly what your needs and wants are. In saying this, most commonly, we find in our industry, that renovations of any sort tend to have a starting range. These starting ranges are basic starting points for you to work out what you will need to calculate before undergoing any sort of renovation project. Always factor into your calculations the cost of the interior design works, all your fixtures and fittings and of course the cost of the actual build. Once you have these base items worked out, you will understand what you will need to invest into your renovation.

If you require permits for structural works, replacement of windows, or you simply want to indulge with additional items like high-end tiles, fixtures and fittings or underfloor heating, these items will add to the price guide.

For a more accurate estimate, grab your phone and get in touch. We’ll send one of our talented designers to check out your space in no time.

Depending on the room you are wanting to renovate, the time allocated to your project will very. Every tradesperson, every product and every part of your renovation is factored into the renovation timeframe; Demolition, electrical, plumbing, tiling etc. Once your project has been designed and specified by your allocated Interior Designer, our scheduling team will sit down and map out a timeframe for your project, based on your needs and requirements. This won’t take long, but it is important that we understand the full extent of your project, so we know exactly what timeframe is needed to finish your project. We don’t like rushing, so we get this right from the very beginning.

It is always good to have a basic idea of what styles you like and don’t like. This will help your designer understand what styles that make you comfortable and that you enjoy. As a starting point it’s always good to jump on the net and search different styles of the room you are wanting to renovate and even share a Pinterest board, if you know how to use this app .

Book an in-home consultation with one of our Interior Designers. They will come to your home and inspect the room (s) you are looking at renovating. They’ll measure your space and chat to you about your needs and wants. If you don’t know what styles you like, check out our portfolio, otherwise one of our Interior Designers can share some inspiration with you. An appointment will be booked on the day of your first meeting, to reconnect within a week, to present the concept plan for your room (s) and a detailed costing.

Click here to book an appointment.

Absolutely! Our trades have done this on numerous occasions and are always respectful of your space. Our build crew will make sure the areas they are working in are protected and cleaned at the end of each day. We know that the added cost of moving out is one you don’t need, so we will work with you to make sure the renovation process is made with you and your family in mind.

Yes, we do! We project manage the entire process for you. Our experienced build crew  understand our clients’ needs and wants. Most importantly they understand our processes, and quite simply just know how we do things. They are experts in their field and they make sure that everything you have designed with your Interior Designer is included and implemented in the build of your room. No ifs or buts!

We sure do! We have great relationships with our suppliers and we will make sure the appliances you have chosen arrive on site on time and when we need them. As you can understand it can get very hectic on site, so we try not to have all your appliances on site from the start of the build. We will liaise with our suppliers to send your appliances to your home, in stages, only when we require them.

In this day and age, the number of products available to you are endless. We work with all the major brands (and niche ones too) and have great relationships with all of them. We want you to have the look and feel that you want, because that’s what we want. We don’t want to limit you in what you can and can’t have. Of course, we are here to guide you on what we believe are the best quality products, within your budget, that fit your design style.

We all know renovating can be quite an inconvenience. Renovating multiple spaces at the same time can be cost effective, as all our tradespeople are already in your home. It’s time efficient because our trades can work in multiple spaces at the same time and be less disruptive to you and your family because it’s all done and dusted in one renovation.

Our build crew will warranty your build with a 10-year structural warranty and our specialised waterproofing expert will also cover their works for a 10-year period.

We purchase an array of fixtures and fittings for your space and the majority of these items carry their own warranties. We will maintain those items for the period of the warranty associated with each item. Giving you peace of mind that every time we install for you in your new space, the items are covered and will be maintained by our expert team.

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