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At Indulge Renovations our approach to bathroom design and bath room renovation is to offer our customers something a little bit different. We give you an alternative vision for your bathroom remodel, presenting solutions that are a little bit unexpected. We do this not to be challenging for the sake of it, but to leave you with a space that is unique to you and your home. All our projects, whether large or small bathroom renovations, are striking and luxurious, because we see every project as an opportunity to demonstrate interior design excellence, materials knowledge, construction expertise and the all-important wow factor.

Our clients choose Indulge Renovations for the integrated way in which we approach the process of bathroom design, product supply and construction, offering a fully managed service so you have total peace of mind throughout. This is achieved because we are process perfect, ensuring that we are accurate with timings and budgets and keeping your project on track from start to finish. 

Contact us about your bathroom renovation in Melbourne, whether that be a modern bathroom renovation or a traditional bathroom renovation. We cover small bathroom renovations, large bathroom renovations (both bathroom upgrades and new bathroom builds) and we have the bathroom builders who are experts at all of the above!

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