The Alma

Main Bathroom


St Kilda East – Melbourne


5 weeks


Main Bathroom


Our Alma project client needed a change. Just like we sometimes need an update, whether in life or career, so do our homes. After enduring a few decades of use, our Alma bathroom was ready for that all-important upgrade.

When planning and executing this bathroom renovation, our client needed to make sure that the new and improved bathroom would last for at least another 2 to 3 decades, but it was also important to include all the modern bells and whistles that the old bathroom lacked. 

Apart from the design, it was crucial that items like a wall niche, in-wall toilet cistern and LED strip lights were included, but even more so, an item that has become a must-have in almost every bathroom we design and build is that all-important ‘underfloor heating.’ 

Who wants to wake up at 6 am to a cold, hard, tiled floor?……We don’t!!

Storage is another must-have in bathrooms these days. With all the products we have, we must also have functional and ample storage to accommodate them. Not everyone likes mirrored cabinets, so our designer, in collaboration with our client, created this beautiful piece of furniture with a luxurious timber veneer, that has 6 functional and accommodating drawers, yet still warms and softens the room collectively.

Our client now loves the warm bathroom she wakes up to every morning. 


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