The Roden


The Langford

Study & kitchen feature cabinetry


Surrey Hills – Melbourne


6 weeks


Complete design & rebuild of study & kitchen feature wall


Like most of us, working from home has become the norm. Two days from home and three days from the office, or maybe you’re one of those lucky ones who are now working permanently from home. 

Our Langford clients are just that; the lucky ones! 

When imagining working from home, we don’t visualise a portable desk with a box to the side containing all of our belongings. We want a designated space, with built-in cabinetry and storage for all those important items that we need, ready at hand, when the work day begins. 

Our Langford clients decided to convert an unused bedroom into a permanent workspace that was very secluded from the rest of the living spaces within the home.

We set out to create bespoke cabinetry in custom colours, specific to their needs. Each area is unique in both space and storage. Wanting to complement the art within the rest of their home, we set out on choosing the right colours to blend seamlessly within the space, and throughout the rest of their property.

Custom timber cabinetry was intricately created off-site and hand-painted to deliver a stunning and unique finish. 

If you’re going to work from home, then why not make it worthwhile?

After seeing samples of the timber, our clients were so in love with the hand-painted technique that they requested a feature wall in their kitchen, encompassing both the integrated main fridge as well as their wine fridge. 

The finished rooms speak for themselves. 

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