How to choose the best home renovation company

With the growing rise in housing prices in and around Melbourne and the fees associated with stamp duty and capital gains, most people are finding it extremely difficult to move on from their current properties. 

Often you feel that your home is outdated and old and you just cannot visualise the change that you need. The doors on your kitchen cabinetry are hanging by a thread and the tiling in your bathroom is continually falling off the walls – what do you do??

Behind the old kitchens and the broken bathroom tiles, are beautiful old homes that are crying out for some TLC. Just a little love for the home is all these properties need. 

A lot of people aren’t creative enough to see how a space could be transformed, so they continue to dislike their home because they cannot see the change that is possible. How do you love your home again?

It’s all good and well to call a builder and just renovate the space that you currently have, but don’t you want more? Don’t you want your home to look completely different? Don’t you want to feel like you have moved house without actually moving?

Engaging a design and build company like Indulge Renovations, could be exactly what you and your home need! Qualified Interior Designers are trained in seeing your home in a completely different light. They’ll be able to reconfigure your room to create a completely different feel. They could also completely swap rooms around to make the space more functional. 


There are a lot of companies, like Indulge Renovations out there and they are wanting you to believe they are the best. They might be, but is this enough from a renovation company? You will spend some time checking out their credentials, their reputation etc but the one thing you cannot understand from a Google search is how they make you feel. Are you comfortable with the designer who is assigned to your project? Do they make you feel comfortable and at ease? Do you trust they will guide you through the whole process, including the build? These questions are very important and you will need to make sure that all the boxes are ticked. 


Some homework wouldn’t go astray. Most people wouldn’t know where or how to start planning a renovation. It doesn’t matter what space you are wanting to renovate, the process is the same; Find a design & build company, like Indulge Renovations. Before your first consultation, get online and do some research. Google sentences like ‘bath room renovation’, ‘kitchen renovation,’ ‘home renovation,’ and ‘home renovation Melbourne’. Websites like Pinterest or Houzz are a great starting point for your home renovation and are overflowing with information and imagery. Once you have found a style you like and some finishes and product that you have come across, then it’s time to start shopping around for a renovation company. Companies similar to Indulge Renovations house all that you are looking for under one umbrella – design, product and construction. This means all that you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy designing with your interior designer.


Design and build companies, similar to Indulge Renovations, have qualified Project Managers who run the construction for you. They schedule all the trades and make sure all items required for your build arrive when required. Their role is also to liaise with you, making sure you understand what is happening and when. Having a Project Manager prevents any confusion, but also removes the stress for you having to talk and liaise with the electrician, plumber, tiler etc 

They will also make sure all the items you have selected with your Interior Designer arrive on time and if there are any delays, they are dealt with swiftly. This will allow for a smooth and efficient build process.


Most commonly (this is very important), your Project Manager will ‘walk through’ the renovated space with you to make sure there are no defects that have gone unnoticed. Don’t stress! This is common practice and if there are any defects your Project Manager will rectify these with the associated trades. Once you are satisfied that your newly renovated space has been completed to the highest of standards, then it’s finally time for you to start using your new space.

All in all, the process should be easy and most importantly, fun! Choose the people that are right for you and your renovation project, not the company that everyone is talking about. They’re not always the right choice. Once it’s all done and dusted and you have your new home, it’s finally time for you and your family to sit back relax and of course indulge in your new home!

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