Getting started on your kitchen renovation

It doesn’t matter what size, shape or style the kitchen is that you want, the most important part of the process of designing a new kitchen is that it is functional for you and your family. 

I have designed many kitchens over the years and the most common questions I receive are things like “Where do I put my pots?”, “Where is my food processor going to go?’ or ‘I want drawers and lots of them!’. 

Working with myself and the team at Indulge Renovations, will give you that all-important functional kitchen that you have been longing for – a space that not only houses all of the appliances, utensils and crockery you have, but also functions in a way your old kitchen just couldn’t. 

The first question I always ask my clients when starting the kitchen design process is “what works and doesn’t work for you in your current kitchen?”. This information gives me, as an interior designer, the basis for your kitchen renovation. We all know what we like and don’t like so it’s important for your designer to make sure they are not designing a space that is not functional or just doesn’t work for you. 

Early on in my career, it became apparent to me that a kitchen is almost always used by more than one person in the home. Even though I tend to work with one member of the household during the design stage, I realised that I needed to meet the entire family. Getting input from the whole family not only makes the kitchen usable for everyone, it also helps me make sure every aspect required for your kitchen design is considered.  

Involve the kids

Children can be your best asset in designing a shared space. Most commonly, they will have their own frustrations in using the space, but I also find children don’t have a filter. So, even if you were thinking it and you didn’t want to say it, your children will almost every time be brutal enough to say it as it is. So, get them involved, it’ll be the best thing you did. 

I say this over and over again -there are millions upon millions of products on the market! Almost on a weekly basis, we designers get bombarded with emails from our suppliers introducing us to new finishes, new appliances and more. It is always worthwhile spending a weekend or two driving around, checking out kitchen display centres or even stone suppliers, cabinetry suppliers and appliance centres. A lot of these places have displays with current products and trends and it gives you a better understanding of function and aesthetics. 

The designer's role

My role as an interior designer at Indulge Renovations is to take all this information and create your dream kitchen. You will have colours that you are drawn to and finishes that you will love the feel of. You will have appliances that you love and are excited about their function. Most importantly, it is my role to make sure all these aspects work together to create a kitchen that is both functional and a showpiece for you, your family and to show off to your friends. 

Make a list, get the whole family involved, shop around and speak to me, your interior designer at Indulge Renovations because together we are going to create that dream kitchen that you and your entire family will finally be able to indulge in.

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