Don’t forget the laundry

We all do it. It is the last space we think about when we start to renovate our homes. ‘I’ll get to it one day!?’ ‘No one’s going to go in there!?’. We just do not have the time or the energy to think about our laundry renovation. Well, it’s about time we did! The laundry needs to be a well thought out space, one that we don’t roll our eyes at when we walk into it. It’s time we stepped back into our laundries and looked at what we can do, to make us love them again.

Planning is key and functionality is a really important element of this room. Doing the laundry is a chore and we want to walk into this room and not think of it as this type of space. We need to think about what’s going to make your time in this space easier and less of a chore. Is the bench too low, do the washer and dryer need to be elevated off the ground? Do I need more storage?

As designers, we have heard it all. So don’t worry if you think you’ve missed something. It’s more than likely that we’ll remind you of it. After all, we are the experts in laundry renovations Melbourne.


We say this to all of our clients. No matter if we are helping you with a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or a laundry renovation. ‘What do you dislike the most in this space? This helps us designers gauge the foundations of planning your new laundry renovation. We all have our likes and dislikes, so don’t be afraid to let them be known!

Now, think about how you function in your laundry. Do you spend hours folding or ironing clothes only to find by the end of it all that your back aches like hell? Do you have constant back issues? Why not increase the height of your benchtops? This is one idea most people would never have thought about. Increasing the bench height, only by a minimal amount, will save your back. Trust us, you will thank us for this one!

Think about what storage you need. ‘Give me as much storage as possible!’. Do you actually need it? Filling your laundry up with bulky heavy cabinetry can darken the space and visually reduce the size of your room. Companies like Blum and Hafele have created an abundance of storage ideas; ones your designer will know all too well. There is pull-out this and fold-out that. These units can store all the items you need in your new laundry renovation without actually filling the space with heavy bulky cabinetry.

Without even having to mention it, we all know we need to make room for our washing machines and dryers. Have you thought about any other big items that you might have? Do you need to think about a space for them in your new laundry renovation? What about the ironing board, the brooms and the mop bucket? Do you store your vacuum in the laundry also? Here’s one all our clients forget. ‘Do we need to make room for your laundry basket’? ‘Do you want a pull-out dirty laundry drawer’?

Planning is key!

We are not finished yet! It’s now time for us to create our masterpiece. It’s always a great idea to do a little bit of research on colours, finishes, materials and images that you like. Don’t stress, your designer will help you with the rest. Doing this small amount of research will help your designer understand the style and feel you are wanting to achieve in your new laundry renovation.


If you are looking for a clean, no-fuss look, then flat-panelled doors would be ideal. This could be achieved in any type of cabinetry material, whether it be laminate, thermolaminate  or 2 pack, and the most cost effective of the 3 would be laminate. If you are looking to give your laundry renovation more of the wow factor, then this could be achieved with a shaker-style door. There are numerous patterns and style, and your designer will be able to help you with these. Shaker-style doors could only be achieved with 2 pack or thermolaminate. Whichever cabinetry finish you choose you have an array of colours, finishes and choices to make. 


Most of us would have grown up with (and vividly remember) the good old and trustworthy laminate benchtop. They were great and did the job well, but only really came in a small number of colours and had mostly one depth option.

The manufacturing of new materials and the reintroduction of old ones, mean that designers and homeowners alike now have several options when it comes to the choice of what to use for their benchtops.

Stone has seen a huge insurgence in the last few decades and in this time, we have seen an abundance of changes in the types of stones and of course depth that are available to us. Most natural stones and reconstituted stones come standard in 20mm deep, but with new manufacturing techniques and machinery, we now see depths ranging from 20mm to 40mm and 60mm plus. This is achieved by creating an edge profile, to reduce cost and wastage. Rather than the entire stone bench being thick, we create the illusion of a thick bench, by creating just the edge profile in the depth you have chosen.

There really is no limit to what thickness you can make your benchtops. Just remember though, the thicker the benchtop the less storage you have below.


Options, options, options! We are no longer limited to tiles as a splashback option for your laundry renovation. Even though there are many shapes, styles, sizes and finishes, we also have many other materials available on hand, for your laundry splashback. If you are choosing stone as your benchtop option, then ask your stonemason if there are any leftovers. You might just have enough to cover your splashback. Other option would be mirrors. Yes, yes, I know! Everyone always say, ‘what about the cleaning!?’ I would much prefer to clean glass than sit there scrubbing grout between tiles. Think about it. Mirrors now come in different tints. Black tint, grey tint, copper tint and so on. The upside to this is that it makes your space appear much bigger.

So, don’t let your laundry feel left out. It’s time to get those thinking caps on and work out the best design, function and style for your new laundry renovation.

Our designers at Indulge Renovations are skilled in helping you with all of your needs when it comes to your laundry renovation Melbourne.

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