“I don’t have a single design bone in my body!” is what we hear from almost every client who walks through our doors. By the time their renovation has been completed, they have designed an entire room or in some cases, an entire home (with the help of our design team, of course!)

Braving the design world can be daunting, but once you take those first steps the rest just flows so seamlessly, that you will wonder why you were nervous in the first place. Whether you are embarking on a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, laundry renovation or an entire home renovation, the process is the same every time; just the elements will be different.

A lot of designers out there like to push their own style onto their clients and that’s fine. Some people like that, but wouldn’t you want your space to reflect you and your style? A space that reflects you as a person and not the designer you engaged to help you with the design. A great designer will spend the time discussing with you what you like and dislike. They will keep an eye out on what pieces you are drawn to during your design meetings, what current styles make you feel at home and what styles simply make you say ‘’Yuk”. There is no right or wrong in what you like or don’t, it’s simply your style.

‘Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style’.

Billy Baldwin

Dean of American Interior Decorators 

The above quote is one of our favourites at Indulge Renovations; it resonates so much in our interactions with our clients. We don’t like pushing our own agenda onto our clients, so we help find their inner designer and help them create that designer space that is unique to them and their families.

The best way to start your journey is to get on to design platforms such as Pinterest or Houzz. Here you will find an array of design styles and ideas to get your design juices flowing. You can also create your own design boards, which you can forward to you designer so they can see what excites you in the design world.

At Indulge Renovations we always like for our clients to touch and feel all the different materials that have been selected or are ready for you to select for your design project. To do this we arrange design meetings for you. This could be one, two or more, depending on the size of your project.  From the design boards you have emailed to us, we collate different materials, colours and items, to present to you. From these items we start to create what will be your future home renovation.

Creating mood boards for your pending renovation will help to see all the items you have selected. Most people do find it challenging to visualise what their renovation will look like, so quality designers will help you by creating 3D sketches or 3D renders. This will help you see what your newly renovated space is going to look like.

Don’t be frightened of renovating. It’s not as scary as you’ve worked it up to be in your mind. The Indulge Renovations designers will help you with your kitchen and bathroom renovations Melbourne, your laundry renovation or flooring Melbourne. Don’t forget, we cover all aspects of renovating.

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